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Rudy and Robin Covarrubias and their two beautiful daughters Aly and Lea make up RCQH. Established in 2010, this family owned and operated program set out with the intent of breeding and training world class foundation Quarter Horses. Heavily focusing on the Poco Bueno lines with an emphasis on quality working conformation and phenomenal minds. RCQH is happy to offer a unique line-up of stallions that fit this bill and are made to complement nearly any mare.

Rudy Covarrubias brings a lifetime of experience, and knowledge to the table. Offering training and fitting for all types and disciplines. With an emphasis on a strong foundation; Rudy helps create confident, willing riding partners for their owners. Leaving absolutely no leaf unturned in the process. He achieves these goals through exceptional horsemanship, both traditional, and modern. 

RCQH's gates are always open. Stop by to meet the stallions, chickens, and stay for a while!

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