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2016 AQHA & NFQHA  Grulla

Homozygous Dun Stallion

  • 98% Foundation
  • Homozygous Dun
  • 5-panel N/N (HERDA N/HR)

Sire of beautiful, typey foals who
are showing amazing athletic 
ability. First foals born in 2019

Screen Shot 2022-09-17 at 9.32.50 AM.png

Poco Bueno


POCO BUENO ACERO is our highest percentage NFQHA stallion in our program at 98%. He is a stout, hard working riding horse who is training up in our program exceptionally well, and proving himself. 

Homozygous Dun, POCO BUENO ACERO will 100% of the time sire foals who carry the Dun gene, guaranteeing color every time. 

With just a handful of foals on the ground, we are very excited to see his youngest begin their under saddle careers in the coming years. 

$800- LFG, Live Cover and Fresh Cooled Semen available. Multiple Mare Discount.

98% Foundation!
~our highest percentage stallion

Jaz PB Santiago

Jaz Poco Bravo

Jaz Sedona Silver

Poco The Grande Way

Dun The Cowboy Way

Poco Grande Grafa

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