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Solid Black Ster KFPS 16.3 Friesian Stallion 

  • Low inbreeding coefficient of only 1.95%
  • Negative Friesian Panel

First foals are hitting the ground
in 2023! Stay tuned!




ACE is a son of the amazing Bene 476 Sport and with a dam line of Tjesse 400 x Wicher 334 x Gerlof 294. With a low coefficient of only 1.95% and negative for the Friesian Panel, this guy is sure to compliment your mares.

Bene 476 (pronounced Bay-na), formally Bonne fan Signature Friesians, was approved in March 2013 by the KFPS for breeding. In the 70 day test he scored extremely high in all three disciplines, 87 points for the Riding test, 87 points for the IBOP Driving test and 85.5 points for the Show Driving test. 

     Bene 476 stems from a proven motherline- the famous stamline 50. His mother, a Ster-Preferent mare, -- continuing on with S+SP+SP+MP+MP+SP+MP+MP. Bene 476 is a very impressive stallion strong in Friesian type/luxury.  3 amazing, powerful gaits!  Bene 476 has an honest,  incredible, willing, character which makes him a special horse to handle/ train.  With an outstanding, strong walk, a powerful, ground covering, supple trot and a phenomenal, balanced canter gives Bene 476 has extreme FEI potential. His conformation is balanced, he shows much expression and his work ethic is unsurpassed.    This makes him a very unique and special Friesian Stallion!

     Bene 476 sire is Doaitsen 420 then behind that you have an impressive 3 Preferent stallions, Leffert Pref x Oege Pref x Naen Pref!

Owned by Kimberlee Bauman of KN Equestrian. Standing stud with us for 2023.

$1000- LFG, AI and Live Cover. Open to purebred Friesian mares and crosses!

pedigree, amazing

Bene 476

Doaitsen 420

Wilma van de zuiderwaard

Coco chanel

These 400


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